Now that I am retired I spend a lot of time out. In theses Covid times I mean either social distancing out on the water fishing for Walleye on the Columbia, or maybe I will make a run up the Snake. Chances are I could go for a rip through the sand dunes in my Polaris XPT and distance myself there. Sometimes for an escape from the house it could be just a drive in the Honda CRV to no place special.
The point I am making is it’s not just one Motor I have to Maintain. My work horse the heart of my fleet Chevrolet Silverado with is Duramax diesel is always towing. If not towing the Skeeter Walleye boat to the river. I am towing the Polaris XPT on the car hauler to the desert.  Then there is the Voltage toy hauler fully loaded to the Oregon Coast and it has an Onan generator. All of these vehicles and trailers need maintenance. Whether it be oil changes, oil filters, air filters, gear oil, or just grease for the bearings. My one stop shop for all of these items is here.
At TNT Powersports Oil we carry the best product line AMSOIL. We have a full line of AMSOIL EA filters or Wix air or oil filters on our site. Check out our fuel additives section. These items will be drop shipped to your doorstep from the nearest AMSOIL distribution center. How convenient is that?  Enjoy this article and remember Preferred Customers get 25% off on all products and free shipping on orders 100.00 or more. Shop
Signature Series Protects Against LSPI

OEMs have been aggressively downsizing engines to meet strict fuel economy and emissions standards while improving power and torque. Most new engines today use some combination of turbochargers, direct-fuel injection and variable valve timing to make more power than their larger counterparts while delivering improved fuel economy. This scenario seems like all upside for drivers. But today’s smaller, hotter-running engines pose significant challenges to lubricants. The latest is a phenomenon called low-speed pre-ignition (LSPI), also known as “super knock,” which can destroy pistons and connecting rods.

What Is LSPI?

LSPI is another version of engine knock, which has been around since engines were invented. In this case, it occurs under low-speed, high-torque conditions in turbocharged gasoline direct-injected engines – like when you’re taking off from a stoplight. LSPI is the spontaneous ignition of the fuel/air mixture prior to spark-triggered ignition. This form of pre-ignition is more destructive than typical engine knock.

No Magic Bullet

Just as your engine relies on a balanced network of components to function, the motor oil needed to protect it requires additives with the right qualities at the right quantities. While adding more of one ingredient or reducing another seems simple enough, small composition changes can have big impacts. We were determined to find a solution to the LSPI problem without sacrificing the performance of Signature Series in any way.


OEMs like GM have addressed the issue by designing tests to determine a motor oil’s ability to prevent LSPI. The GM SPI Test records the number of peak pressure events during high-load

operation in a turbocharged engine over a five-hour period. Passing the test is required to meet the GM dexos1® Gen 2 specification.

Test Parameters

Engine GM 2.0L EcoTec, LHU

Duration Five hours

Measures Number of peak pressure pre-ignition events

Simulates Turbocharged vehicle operating in high torque and at low speed

Requirement At least three of the five total tests with zero peak pressure LSPI

events and no tests with more than two peak pressure events

Perfect Score

We armed Signature Series with an advanced detergent system that protects against harmful deposits and LSPI. Signature Series Motor Oilachieved 100 percent protectionagainst LSPI in the engine test required by the GM dexos1 Gen 2 specification – zero occurrences were recorded throughout five consecutive tests.

API SN PLUS Specification

API SN PLUS is a recently released specification that was requested by the automobile industry to protect passenger vehicles from LSPI. AMSOIL anticipated this change, and the current

formulations of Signature Series, XL and OE synthetic motor oil all meet or exceed the specification. Look for updated product labels featuring the new API “donut” in the near future. You can be confident that AMSOIL synthetic motor oils protect modern engines against LSPI, helping your vehicle deliver years of reliable service.

Preferred Customers receive 25% off on all products and free shipping on orders or 100.00 or more.

Preferred Customers get 25% off on all products and free shipping on orders 100.00 or more. Shop

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