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My name is Ted Rydstrom I am an independent T1 certified AMSOIL dealer, located in Kennewick Washington. I have a number of Vehicles, and AMSOIL protects them all.

We spend a lot of time on the Oregon Coast primarily in the sand dunes. Getting there is an adventure in itself. At the heart of our travels is our Chevrolet Silverado with a Duramax diesel. We pull our 12,000 pound Voltage Toy Hauler with it, so it has to be dependable. We have always protected it with AMSOIL heavy duty synthetic oil. For the Allison transmission AMSOIL ATF as a result we noticed cooler transmission temperatures. We use severe gear oil in the differentials to reduce wear and cooler temperatures.

Our toy of choice in the dunes is a Polaris XPT, it’s turbo charged motor can generate high heat. We use Amsoil UTV synthetic oil for protection. We use AMSOIL synthetic transmission and differential fluid in the transmission and rear differential. AMSOIL synthetic power train fluid in the front differential. These AMSOIL products provide dependable protection through out the sand dune season.

We fish year round and Amsoil Marine products protect our Skeeter WX. Powered by a Yamaha outboard it is serviced from the power head to the lower unit with AMSOIL Marine products, including AMSOIL marine grease.

For our 32 Ford Roadster the Z-Rod synthetic line of oils provide superior protection for that older Ford V8.

For these Amsoil products and more you have come to the right site. In stock products ordered here are drop shipped from the nearest AMSOIL distribution center the next day.

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Welcome to my site feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

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