Advanced Performance for Any Engine

I have had first hand experience with  AMSOIL for years. It is the only oil I use in my Chevrolet Silverado with a Duramax Diesel, Honda Accord, Honda CRV, my beloved 32 Ford Roadster, Harley Davidson Street Glide, Polaris XPT, Toro zero turn, Honda snow blower, Yamaha Outboard, and Onan generator. Yeah I buy a lot of AMSOIL but they make it easy and I sleep well at night knowing I have great protection. Enjoy this article and remember Preferred Customers receive 25% off on all products and free shipping on all orders 100.00 or more. Shop now

Any Engine

The benefits of AMSOIL synthetic lubricants aren’t confined to your car or truck. AMSOIL formulates synthetic lubricants that deliver excellent wear protection, maximum fuel economy and outstanding extreme-temperature performance for nearly any vehicle or piece of equipment you own.

AMSOIL engineers start by identifying challenges different applications present and formulating lubricants that solve those challenges. In some cases, other lubricant manufacturers may overlook a particular market or application. AMSOIL designed Signature Series Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid, for example, to deliver reserve protection against damaging heat and sludge for transmissions in hardworking vehicles. Until then, commercial contractors and other motorists had no access to a synthetic automatic transmission fluid that delivered guaranteed protection for twice the original equipment manufacturer (OEM)-recommended severe-service drain interval. AMSOIL Signature Series Synthetic ATF not only offers peace of mind that hardworking transmissions are protected for the long haul, it also helps reduce maintenance costs.

The dirt bike market offers another prime example. AMSOIL-sponsored motocross and supercross riders identified consistent clutch feel as one of the biggest benefits an oil can deliver. AMSOIL engineers went to work in the company’s state-of-the-art chemical test lab designing a range of formulations that fit the bill. Additional testing took place in the AMSOIL mechanical test lab, where the lubricant was put to the test on a dyno. This type of focused product testing allows AMSOIL to optimize each of its synthetic lubricants for its intended application. Formulating lubricants that deliver measurable benefits is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Months of lab and on-track testing resulted in AMSOIL Synthetic Dirt Bike Oil, which delivers consistent clutch feel and superior wear protection to provide riders with the confidence to tackle any trail or track.

This rigorous approach to product development has led to one of the most extensive synthetic lubricant lines in the industry. Whether you’re looking for excellent deposit control in your outboard motor, protection against piston scuffing in your sophisticated new snowmobile engine or outstanding resistance to extreme heat in your Harley-Davidson, AMSOIL has you covered.

Preferred Customers receive 25% off on all products and free shipping on all orders 100.00 or more. Shop now