I have had first hand experience with  AMSOIL for years. It is the only oil I use in my Diesel truck, Honda Accord, Honda CRV, my beloved 32 Ford Roadster, Harley Davidson Street Glide, Polaris XPT, Toro zero turn, Honda snow blower, Yamaha Outboard, and Onan generator. Yeah I buy a lot of AMSOIL but they make it easy and I sleep well at night knowing I have great protection. Enjoy this article and remember Preferred Customers receive 25% off on all products and free shipping on all orders 100.00 or more. Shop now

Improved compatibility, faster engine warm-up times and reduced engine temperatures highlight the new formulation.

Dominator Coolant Boost has been reformulated with the latest organic-acid technology. The new technology adds to the benefits provided by the previous formulation, including reduced engine temperatures by up to 25ºF (previously 19ºF) in straight-water applications and up to 54 percent faster engine warm-up times (previously 45 percent). Organic acids are more robust and longer-lasting than inorganic acids, offering excellent resistance to scaling, drop-out and corrosion. They also contribute to improved compatibility; the new Dominator Coolant Boost formulation can be mixed with soft, tap and distilled water, in addition to any brand of antifreeze. Users will also notice the product is now orange in color.

While racers derive the most value from Dominator Coolant Boost, it provides benefits for everyday motorists, too.

Helps Racers Win

Racers value reduced engine temperatures the most since excessive heat robs engines of efficiency and power. Racers look for any way to reduce engine temperatures to gain an advantage over their competitors. Dominator Coolant Boost is perfect for racing applications; it reduces engine temperatures up to 25ºF in straight-water applications.

Straight water, however, invites damaging radiator and water-pump corrosion. Dominator Coolant Boost delivers outstanding corrosion protection. In industry standard testing (ASTM D1384 and ASTM D2570), Dominator Coolant Boost limited corrosion to the six metals most commonly found in cooling systems (copper, solder, brass, steel, cast iron and cast aluminum), easily passing both tests.

Helps Motorists Warm Car Faster

Motorists who live in cold climates value faster engine warm-up times the most. Dominator Coolant Boost features proprietary tiered-surfactant technology that results in up to 54 percent faster engine warm-up times, resulting in a more comfortable vehicle on cold winter mornings.

A surfactant reduces the surface tension of water and antifreeze, allowing closer contact with metal parts. This closer contact increases the coolant’s efficiency in transferring heat away from hot engine parts and out through the radiator and fan. Many leading coolant additives contain only one surfactant, limiting their temperature ranges and effectiveness. Dominator Coolant Boost uses three surfactants, each designed to operate in a different temperature range to increase liquid-to-metal contact from the time the vehicle starts to the time it reaches operating temperature.

Preferred Customers receive 25% off on all products and free shipping on orders 100.00 or more. Shop now

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