Carry That Weight

With the long Holiday ahead and the vacation season upon us we will be doing some camping and that means towing. Take in the time to consider your work horse the vehicle that you use to get you to the great campgrounds you love to enjoy. Make sure you protect that vehicle with the best products possible.
 My work horse the heart of my fleet Chevrolet Silverado with is Duramax diesel is always towing. If not towing the Skeeter Walleye boat to the river. I am towing the Polaris XPT on the car hauler to the desert.  Then there is the Voltage toy hauler fully loaded to the Oregon Coast and it has an Onan generator. All of these vehicles and trailers need maintenance. Whether it be oil changes, oil filters, air filters, gear oil, or just grease for the bearings. My one stop shop for all of these items is here.
At TNT Powersports Oil we carry the best product line AMSOIL. We have a full line of AMSOIL EA filters or Wix air or oil filters on our site. Check out our fuel additives section. These items will be drop shipped to your doorstep from the nearest AMSOIL distribution center. How convenient is that?  Enjoy this article and remember Preferred Customers get 25% off on all products and free shipping on orders 100.00 or more. Shop

AMSOIL synthetic drivetrain fluids provide complete towing protection.

Carry That Weight

Many people overstress their vehicles in the summer, pulling trailers, campers or fifth-wheels with boats, sometimes exceeding their rated towing limits. Severe-service conditions and hot summer temperatures place extreme pressure on transmissions and differentials.

Modern trucks and SUVs boast more horsepower and torque than their predecessors, subjecting their differentials to increased levels of stress and heat. Gear oils must provide adequate wear protection, while also providing maximum fuel efficiency.

Thermal Runaway

The extreme pressures and temperatures generated by modern vehicles can lead to a serious condition known as “thermal runaway.” As differential temperatures increase, gear lubricants lose viscosity and load-carrying capacity. When extreme loads break the lubricant film, metal-to-metal contact occurs, increasing friction and heat. This increased friction and heat, in turn, results in further viscosity loss, which further increases friction and heat. As heat spirals upward, viscosity spirals downward.

Thermal runaway is a vicious cycle that leads to irreparable equipment damage and ultimately catastrophic gear and bearing failure.

The AMSOIL “Tow Package”

AMSOIL SEVERE GEAR® Synthetic Gear Lube and Signature Series Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid provide maximum protection in demanding environments such as towing, hauling and commercial use, providing increased lubricant film protection and reduced wear at elevated temperatures.

Field Proven

To demonstrate its effectiveness in severe service, Signature Series Multi-Vehicle Synthetic ATF was installed in Las Vegas taxi cabs. The vehicles routinely encountered demanding stop-and-go driving loaded with passengers and cargo, while the desert environment presented extremely hot ambient temperatures, placing enormous strain on the fluid.

Following 180,000 miles (289,682 km), a transmission was selected for analysis. The Aluminum Beaker Oxidation Test (ABOT) is an industry-standard test used to determine a transmission fluid’s oxidation resistance, which is a good indicator of its service life. Testing by an independent, third-party lab revealed that after 180,000 miles (289,682 km) in severe service, Signature Series Multi-Vehicle Synthetic ATF resisted oxidation longer than required for newfluid to meet the Chrysler ATF+4 specification.

In addition, components, including the valve body and clutch plates (pictured), were virtually free of damaging sludge, deposits and wear, confirming the lubricant’s high level of protection for severe-service applications. Upgrade your vehicle to AMSOIL protection this summer to protect your towing rig.

Drivetrain Fluids

The transmission’s valve body is clean and virtually sludge-free following 180,000 severe-service miles (289,682 km). The clutch plates demonstrated only trace discoloration and earned a rating of “good,” the highest possible, for deterioration/wear.

SEVERE GEAR Synthetic Gear Lube

  • Controls thermal runaway
  • Features superior film strength
  • Provides rust and corrosion protection
  • Helps reduce operating temperatures
  • Easy-pack reduces mess and hassle when performing tricky gear-lube changes

Signature Series Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid

  • Specifically formulated for severe-service towing and heavy hauling
  • Delivers reserve protection against extreme heat
  • Maintains cold-temperature fluidity
  • Superior friction durability for smooth, reliable shifts
  • Easy-pack reduces mess and hassle when performing tricky lubricant changes
  • Preferred Customers get 25% off on all products and free shipping on orders 100.00 or more. Shop