Customer: Thank You For Saving My Engine

This is a great testimonial from an AMSOIL user. It’s a quick read but a lot of information.

I have had first hand experience with  AMSOIL for years. It is the only oil I use in my Chevrolet Silverado with a Duramax Diesel, Honda Accord, Honda CRV, my beloved 32 Ford Roadster, Harley Davidson Street Glide, Polaris XPT, Toro zero turn, Honda snow blower, Yamaha Outboard, and Onan generator. Yeah I buy a lot of AMSOIL but they make it easy and I sleep well at night knowing I have great protection. Enjoy this article and remember Preferred Customers receive 25% off on all products and free shipping on all orders 100.00 or more. Shop now

Thank You For Saving My Engine

It’s great when you can trust the oil in your engines to do their job. It’s even better when that oil does more than you expect and saves the engine.

Jody Benton of Eddington, Maine, became an AMSOIL customer in 2002 when he installed AMSOIL 20W-50 Synthetic V-Twin Motorcycle Oil in his new Harley Fat Boy. “I’ve been using it exclusively ever since in all of my vehicles,” Benton said.

The list of AMSOIL products Benton uses is long. He installs AMSOIL Heavy-Duty Synthetic Diesel Oil 15W-40 in his Chevy diesel truck, and AMSOIL Signature Series 5W-30 Synthetic Motor Oil in his half-ton Chevy and his wife’s car. He also uses AMSOIL Signature Series Multi-Vehicle Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid and AMSOIL gear oil.

“I also use the chaincase oil in the snowmobile. I use your gun cleaner, and I am a big fan of your Heavy Duty Metal Protector,” Benton said. “It is the best undercoating for vehicles I have seen; really works well and is tough; doesn’t wash off . All my vehicles
are undercoated with it.”

He started using AMSOIL Synthetic 2-Stroke Injector Oil in his 2000 Arctic Cat Bearcat Wide Track during the winter of 2017- 18.

“All of the fluids in all my vehicles now, including the snowmobile, are AMSOIL,” he said. “It’s a big, heavy workhorse machine that I use mainly to tow around a large ice shack. I drained the oil tank and the hose because I didn’t want the AMSOIL mixed with the old oil.”

Before long, Benton said, he noticed the engine seemed to be running hotter. “I thought maybe the synthetic oil burns cleaner and leaner,” he said. “It didn’t smoke at all. I thought, great, no smoke. Later, I also noticed that it was hardly using any oil at all. Another, ‘great.’”

In hindsight, Benton said, he should have paid better attention. “Fast forward to the next fall,” Benton said. “I am going over the sled getting it ready for ice fishing season. I am checking the throttle cables and choke cable and then notice another cable connected to the throttle. It runs down to the oil pump control arm. I push the throttle, and the oil pump lever does not move. The cable is broken.

“It is no wonder the motor seemed hotter and didn’t use hardly any oil. I ran the whole previous season pulling that big shack and running around at high speed with the engine only getting the amount of oil it would get at idle. The oil feed would not increase with the throttle because the cable was broken.

“I was stunned and thought surely my engine was cooked.” He pulled both carbs immediately so he could look through the holes and see the side of the pistons and cylinder walls.

“I was stunned again,” Benton said. “Both the pistons and cylinder walls were smooth and shiny without a scratch on them. Just that small amount of oil at idle had been enough to protect the engine from damage for the whole season.

Amazing. I replaced the oil pump cable and have now run the snowmobile for two more ice fishing seasons with no problems at all. It actually seems to run better.

“It now smokes a little, as it should, and uses some oil, as it should. I have always believed AMSOIL is the best there is, and this real-world test really proves it for me. Thank you for saving my engine.”

Preferred Customers receive 25% off on all products and free shipping on order 100.00 or more. Shop